A Guide of How to Completly Clean a Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaner is definitely the best partner in cleaning your home because it makes the job a lot easier. So to maintain its optimum performance and efficiency, cleaning it regularly is a must.

First and foremost, you should unplug any electrical equipments to prevent an electric shock. The most important parts of a vacuum cleaner that need to be cleaned are the container, filters and attachments. Keeping them clean will make a big difference to its performance. If your vacuum cleaner is an upright type, lay it on the floor to make cleaning easier for you. Also, do not forget to read the accompanying user’s manual for your equipment for you to know its do’s and don’ts.


Emptying the dirt container. There are different types of vacuum cleaner available in the market. Generally, these vacuums have a container or dirt bag that serves as a storage for the collected pet hair, dirt and other debris. Refer to the user’s manual for the appropriate steps when removing the container or dirt bag.

For bagged vacuum cleaners, you just have to take out the bag accordingly and throw the contents in the trash can.

For bagless vacuum cleaners, emptying the containers should be done outside. It is highly recommended to clean it outside the premises of your house like the garage or close to a trash can. This is to prevent the dust and other debris from fluttering around your house.

It is best to clean the container with water. However, this not applicable to all. If the manufacturer of your equipment permits you to wash it with water, you can use a soapy solution. Let it dry and wipe it clean.

After cleaning the dirt container, make sure that it is tightly secured to the equipment. Improper replacement of the part may cause malfunctions and sometimes serious damage.



Cleaning the filters. The number of filters a vacuum cleaner have varies. There are those with single, and there are those with multiple filters. They are responsible for segregating the dust and dirt as well as cleaning the vacuumed air. Some vacuum cleaner models(like Dyson, Hoover or iRobot) are designed so that its filter can be reused after cleaning, while some are replaced after use. Always refer to the user’s manual to ensure you are dismantling the filters correctly.

Vacuum filters are cleaned and some cannot be cleaned with water. If you are not allowed to clean your equipment’s filter with water, the best way to clean it is to use an old brush to take out the clogged dirt. Do this with caution to prevent damage.

If your filter can be cleaned with water, do it using a mild soapy water. Soak the filter and wash it thoroughly. You have to air dry it and wipe it dean.

During replacement of the parts, make sure they are properly done. Most importantly, do not replace filters when they are still wet or moist. Aside from the possibility of an electric shock, there’s a big chance that bacteria and molds will build up.



Cleaning the Attachments. It is given that all removable parts of a vacuum cleaner can be washed in a soapy water. However, it is best to read the manual before doing anything.

The most important thing to note when cleaning attachments is for the wirings or hoses with wirings not to get wet.

After cleaning, dry all the parts. Do not replace the parts if they are still wet.


Cleaning the Vacuum Brush. One of the essential parts of a vacuum cleaner, specifically those vacuums designed for pet hair removal is the brush. So make sure this part is kept cleaned always.

You usually find the vacuum brush, beater bar and roller entangled with hair and strings. To make cleaning faster, you can use scissors to cut them, however, do it with caution.



Lastly. After cleaning all of those parts, wipe the rest of the vacuum cleaner including the electric cords using a soft, damp cloth. Make sure there are no sign of damage to the cord. If ever you find one, immediately refer to the user’s manual for possible actions for your safety.

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